Handicraft is the ultimate expression of human singularity.

Here you will find the stories and the testimonials of some of the most particular Albanian craftsmen. Throughout the country, some of them are preserving a tradition at risk, that might be forgotten, others are evolving their art in unprecedented ways.

Venice Art Shkoder

This atelier was founded 23 years ago when not everyone in Albania had any information and were quite skeptical that the Venetian masks could be produced...

Goldsmith Teodori Shkoder

In the last 30 years, Teodor Pici is one of the few artisans left in Shkodra who still...

Carpets Kruja

With more than 30 years of work on her shoulders, Dallandyshe Tabaku is one of the most famous artisans in Kruja. Since the 1987 she works on the loom...

Embroidery Pirpiria Gjirokastra

With her 15 years of experience, Eli Zhulati is the last remaining needlewoman and handmade artisan of the Girokastra...

Wood Carving Petridhi Gjirokaster

Anastas Petridhi started his career in the woodworking craft when he was a young worker in the state owned...


Whoever works by hand is a worker.
Whoever works with his hands, mind and heart is a craftsman.

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    Handicraft is the ultimate expression of human singularity.